Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
When we did the first talk about science, the class had to place ourselves on the rubric for inferencing  and gathering data. I placed myself unistructural for inferencing even though I don't know what inferring is but if someone walked me through it I  would get it ! Then for gathering data  I was multistructural because I have ideas like with slime aka oobleck I thought it looked the Nickelodeon slime but yellow. So I'm not sure if it was right or wrong. For engaging in Science I was m multistructural because I do science experiments but I stand back a little because I am a little person with tall people in front of me.
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
For the last week we have been working on a balloon rocket🚀 . The class has been looking at the shape, distance, noise. My first…

My life

Mrs Gorman screams.
Kids talk.
Why does it have to be me?
Jimmy jokes.
I laugh 😂
This is so funny .
I scream.
Jimmy looks.
Why! It's so cold! I'm crazy .
Girls sing.
I look.
They are so crazy why?

Responsible citizen reflection

When I started looking at responsible citizen I didn't know what it meant to be a responsible citizen I didn't even know much about it but I had many ideas 💡for example I thought it might be about following rules and laws or perhaps volunteering. So I guessed that I was multistructural because I had many ideas💡that were here and there and everywhere. Now I'm much better and I have learnt about being a responsible citizen. I now know what it means to be a helpful bystander. The role play we did in class helped me understand this. I now realise that turning up regularly to things like French club (which I'm not very good at turning up to) and singing is being a responsible citizen. It is also good to help out the teachers by turning up for wet day monitor duty. It is also important to include other people in games and activities.  I think I am now relational.

This term when the toilets were clogged at school I re-tied up a rope to stop people going through a no-go zon…

Responsible citizen

Responsible Citizen
Are you a responsible citizen or not?  Responsible citizens have a very important role to play in the community and school and everywhere they go, keeping the community safe clean and fun.

 A responsible citizen follows the rules and laws. If no one followed the rules the world would be a  dangerous place. People would die. No one would be safe on the roads and  lots of people would go to prison. The rules and  laws are there to  keep all people safe. The people I think follow the rules and laws are my Mum and Dad because they don't steal! They are very very very safe on the road and help people learn!!!

 Another thing, a responsible citizen is trustworthy. If no one  was trustworthy the no one can be trusted and even you the person who is reading.  A person ‍I think who is trustworthy is my family (except my brother) but my Mum and Dad still lie to keep me safe.

A role model is something else a responsible citizen is. This is what would happen if we di…

Going hard out at trampoling

Going hard out at  trampolining
Even when it's 100  degrees outside I still love going to trampolining. I wait in my pjs with my loathed white socks on. I'm waiting in the car park on a shimmering summer afternoon. I walk through the door. Oops! The  coaches are waiting - I better run.  First we  run around in all different crazy ways to warm up our bodies and help us to do skills or drills.  I climb onto the trampoline and I tuck, leap, straddle jump, flip, drop. I get stuck into everything.  Not even a single piece of string can pull me out. After a long day at trampolining, my muscles are rigid but I'm bursting with joy to come back!

I AM A Range Rover

I am a Range Rover, always exploring in trees and on walks.
I am an art gallery, messy and unique.
I am a bird, getting chase by a crazy cat, trying to escape.
I am a cherry, hooked to my brother, then arguing and unhooked.
I am tortilla,  bright and soft, an explosion of colour.
I am a pair of rainbow long socks, colourful and  crazy.
Ko Maggie ahau.
I am Maggie