Sneaking for lollies (speech)

Do you have a weak Parent. Is it your Mum or Dad. It's important to know which parent is the weak parent. Try the parent test go up to both of your parents say something you want like “can I have some lollies?” Which ever one says the magic word yes is the weak parent. Well I found out it's my Dad. My Dad usually says yes because he glued to his phone or not listening or calling Sunny sun about spray paint in the building or the pipes being blocked. You need to be careful the other parent doesn't find out!

Now and then, when milk was low, or to get some lollies, I would head to a garage also know as challenge. But this one time Kate and I weren't able to go. But this didn't stop us at all because we had the weak Parent. We crept silently with cheeky smirk pasted on our faces.
“Dad can we go to challenge.”
We move on are tiptoe but we had shifty eye to make sure we didn't get  caught. We Scrape around money and looked in jars. But in the end we came out w…

Week 9: flipping frogs slingshot rocket ad

Week:9 flipping frogs slingshots  rocket and angle launcher
This week we have been rotating around and creating  different types of projectiles like the flipping frogs , angle launches , and slingshot rocket.

About the slingshot rocket.
The slingshot rocket is an elastic and wind resistant toy. The slingshot rocket went further because it had less weight, and also people had been cutting rubber bands in half  to make their slingshot better than the popsicle sticks and rubber bands because it was a longer rubber band.

About the flipping frog.
This is a flipping toy made out of cardboard, paper clips, tape and an elastic band. We think the key materials are the elastic band and the cardboard because it helps it have elastic potential energy and the cardboard is the base of the frog.

About the angle launcher .
The angle launcher is a launcher which measures angle. There is about 3 ranges short range, medium range and the last rage is long( we weren't allowed to have it on long range…

Onager vs trebuchet: week 8

                                          Onager vs trebuchet
This week we have been looking at the difference and similarity of the onager and trebuchet. We have gathered a lot of data , that we will share with you.

A difference between the onager and the trebuchet is that the trebuchet has a much longer arm so when it swings over to release the ball it goes much more slower.
The trebuchet can backfire. I wonder why it backfires?  It maybe has something to do with the way it's set up or the person pulling the rope.

The onager projectile has more velocity (which means speed),  than the trebuchet because the onager has a shorter arm.

Also they don't just have differences they also have quite a few things in common,  like they both have slings to release the ball and they both are fired by strings and they also both launch in the air.

In conclusion we found out that the onager is much more dangerous because it has much more speed an…

Thank you letter

Dear Mrs Hull and Mrs Jones
I have written a little thank you letter. When I was in your class I felt a lot of emotions but I will tell you a few. I felt nervous because I knew no one except two people.  I felt like I was star struck. But I hope next time I go into your class I might make some new friends.

I also had more emotions like scared.  When someone went crazy it felt like there was a lump in my throat that I was trying to swallow. One question: has it been that bad in the past?

The emotion I felt the most was happy 😊. For a lot of examples playing chair ball and winning, playing pole tag with my friends, and discovery that made me feel even more happy😊 even if my slime did fail.

Overall it was an emotional roller coaster but a happy one because I made some new friends because of my friend Connie.

So thank you for letting me into your class, even when the going was hard, you and  Mrs Hull helped me. So one last big thank you.

From Maggie

Eat it or wear challenge gone wrong

Eat it or wear it challenge gone
It all started on an ordinary summer's, day except there was a  laser-shooting, dancing  and singing t-Rex. It all started like this. My crazy friend, my crazy brother and I were bored out of our minds. So I said with smirk 😏 “We should do the eat it or wear challenge.”
There was a long evil laugh (more like a some chuckling gone wrong). “YES!” But is this wasting food because more people need it but some is probably expired so we should use food that has expired. We grabbed some food and prance out with big cheeky smiles across our faces.
Kate said “Wait.”
“We need art shirtsπŸ‘š,” she boomed.
“Oh yeah.” We slipped the ugly art shirts on with paint all over them. Then Kate and I did are last prance. It started with dunking  food everywhere. There was a pause. FOOD FIGHT!!! AAAAH.Food was everywhere but not in our mouths . We sped to the house trying to look πŸ‘€ innocent πŸ˜‡. What will happen next? Dun Dun!

I was learning about using spe…

science journal: week 4 trebuchet

LWeek 4: Trebuchet.
So if you have been reading my inquiry section on my blog, you know I have been working on the balloon rocket experiment. Now the class has changed to catapult aka a trebuchet. We have put lead bars in the counterweight. When you put, well let's say 20 (which was all of the weights), the counterweight would push it down and the pivot will turn the throwing arm so the sling will throw the ball and land at about 11.8m. Why is it when you put more weights why does it go so far away? I think it's because if you put more weight the throwing arm makes it  go further away. I wonder if you put more than 20 weights would it go further away or not so far. I rate myself as gathering data as Multi structural because not all of it is connected. For inferencing, multistructural because I still don't feel confident.

Science journal

Week 3 drag

Last week my partner and I did  the paper and balloon experiment.  Here is what we observed. The first thing I observed was the balloon was smooth but it went wrinkly. You want to know why? It is the result of elastic pull,  so when you blow up a balloon you are pulling the elastic, so you're stretching the balloon. I wonder if air or helium stretches the balloon more. When we did not have paper πŸ“on it moved more and faster but it could be there is more weight on the balloon because that could be pushing it and making it slower. I wonder why it does that.
I rate myself for gathering data as multistructural because I'm still not so confident at gathering data. For making inferences I'm multistructural because I'm not so confident with it.